Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Mike McDougall, I am also known as The Celtic Aero.  Why The Celtic Aero?  Well A: McDougall and B: I am a triathlete and it’s all about aero.

I am a father to two wonderful girls ages 10 and 3.  If I had a glimmer of free time these girls keep me busy.  I am married to my high school sweetheart and it seems like forever 😉  We also have a few pets but won’t bore you with those details.

In my daytime persona I am one of only and handful of certified lighting consultants in Canada.  I have dedicated my entire adult life to the lighting industry.  I really love what I do.  I can go in any day of the week and help new homeowners and old homeowners alike design their lighting for their homes.  New problems and new dilemmas each day that I can help solve.  If you have any need for this or want to talk more, please ask.  I truly love lighting and have studied it in detail.

My passion, well my passion is triathlon.  I really love everything the sport has to offer.  I remember watching my hometown hero Simon Whitfield crossing the finish line for gold in Sydney and I was hooked.  That’s when I knew I was hooked on the sport. It’s just too bad it took me about 13 years to get into it.  I used to be a little heavier, actually a lot heavier.  Check my blog and I will go into this in more detail.  I had a situation that I decided it was time to lose the weight and get fit. I started running as it was FREE.  The down side is I didn’t know what I was doing or had any guidance and ended up suffering several injuries along the way.  I found myself in a bit of a vicious cycle of trying to get fit and getting injured.  Some of my niggling injuries finally got to me to the point that I sought out help and started working with a physiotherapist and I was put on a run program that had me running and walking gradually.  It was in this time that I had the chance to reflect on why I was running, why I was getting fit and what I really wanted to do.  This is when I remembered seeing Simon cross the finish line and thought to myself.  I want to do that.  I want to do triathlons, I want to be a triathlete.  A little looking around on a local buy and sell site in town here for triathlon gear and I stumbled upon the good people at Westshore Triathlon .  They were holding a membership information meeting which I of course attended and I was hooked.  This was what I needed in my life.  Am I ever glad I joined! One thing you will learn about me is that I am very stubborn, I figured I could do this on my own, and I could have. I would have found a way. But let me tell you the guidance I have found from being surrounded by like minded people, the coaching the club offered, it was paramount.  I progressed very fast considering my couch, chip eating, beer drinking back ground.  I am still not the fastest athlete out there.  I am a middle of the pack kinda guy and I am okay with that.  As long as I can always push myself just a little bit harder each time.  That’s all I can really think of, as I kind of have a hard time talking about myself.   But I do love talking about pretty much anything, especially if it is related to triathlon.  So please drop me a line and say hi, or ask any questions you may have.

~ Celtic Aero